Why Us

CHL is a professional cleaning service provider positioned in the capital city, providing a wide gamma of comprehensive cleaning services. We have got the knowhow, and the knowledge to satisfy the needs of every customer. We are the experts and we will perform the proper cleaning treatment just for you. CHL is a respected brand on market and the experience we have obtained during the years of service and the really good response we have from our customers are giving us a pole position in this sector. In case you did not know, now you are at the right place to get your efficient professional cleaning service in London. Nowadays, more residents are taking advantage of these types of professional cleaning services for a reason. The professional service assures perfect results and saves money, energy and time for the customer. With using of our far-reaching services more easy to maintain a household in great condition. CHL is providing trustworthy and prepared employees that can deal with various cleaning issues to your household needs. Our aim so to satisfy the needs of every customer and property, our experts have written comprehensive list of tasks and prepared our teams to clean using the latest equipment and trends in business. We offer a huge variety of cleaning services suitable for everyone. The front line tools, machinery and intensively trained employees will make everything to bring back the shiny appearance of any household. Take your professional cleaning service at completely affordable rates. We will make your property healthier, much cleaner and allergen-free. Take advantage of our company’s professional service and get special offers and discounts. Everything will be completed on time according to the top-standards in cleaning business. You will see how your home will be shining of cleanliness with fresh pleasant smell.

Reservation and Arrangement

When you are in need of our cleaning services – a simple phone call will do the trick. Just dial our number and the rest of organization will be taken care from our professionals. Talk about your personal needs and requirements when our team is with you. They will help and even give you some advice. When you let us know what your exact needs are our professionals will be able to pick the right treatment for you. You will also have a manager who will follow your services and enquiries.

Stable Service

In case for some reason we are not able to find a replacement cleaner when asked and miss a scheduled cleaning by our fault. You have the full right to claim a discount.

Top-class Service

The cleaners we are working with are perfectly prepared, equipped and vetted to reach the best results possible. Each of them is professionally trained and you will be safe from the moment you trust them. They are passionate and reliable.

Quality Guarantee

To see that our intentions are true we are offering and satisfaction guarantee. In other words, if you don’t like the final results call us and we will send back the team to clean again for free. They will stop when you decide that everything is as it should be.

Cleaners Fully Trained

We are training our employees comprehensively. Each one of them takes its time in training process. The supervisors are monitoring the whole process and continue to develop it according to the high standards in business.


Every of our cleaners will work carefully around your possessions, but just for the peace of your mind you have to know that we are insured in case something got broken while our team is working.

No Obligating Agreements

You can use our services as long as you want to. In case you decide to stop a service just send us a monthly notice and that would be it.

Great Prices

We are offering the best prices in area for our top-class services. You will be happy to know that as our customer you will enjoy our additional discounts and special offers.


You are free to decide in what period you will be paying. You can choose among daily, weekly and monthly period. The payment methods are also various we accept – credit cards and cheques. CHL is always at your disposal 24/7. The phone lines are always open and you can talk with our support about everything you need for your cleaning at any time you want to. Never hesitate to contact us!