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CHL is providing and professional carpet cleaning service. This service is developed during the years of experience we have and every feature of it is great and guarantees ideal thorough clean results for both  commercial areas and domestic residences. We are famous with the quality of our services, diligent staff and trained cleaners. Our Brand is a symbol of professionalism and responsibility. Our aim is to keep our good reputation by constant providing of professional cleaning services of the best quality for each of our customers. The passion and the knowledge our employees have in our company gives us the chance to reach the absolute customer satisfaction.

We are using the latest innovations and equipment in the professional carpet cleaning business and at the same time our professionals are working using only eco-friendly approaches and detergents, keeping the nature clean and your health safe. The training program our experts developed ensures that every cleaner can handle even the most challenging tasks and situations. The cleaning teams CHL has are offering a variety of cleaning methods such as: carpet dry cleaning, steam cleaning, deep carpet cleaning and extraction cleaning. Our technicians will determine the exact cleaning method you need according to the type of staining, carpet fibers after a preliminary survey is made.

CHL also provides and other similar services because we know that the cases could be very different. That is why we have also developed cleaning methods for rugs, drapery and all other fibers and textiles from more casual carpets to more tender and exotic like Persian carpets.
We pride ourselves for delivering a quality professional carpet cleaning service with real value for money. You really enjoy will our affordable prices and as our customer you will have access to our special offers and discounts. For more detailed information check out our prices section. We give our services with full satisfaction guarantee to ensure the perfect cleaning for you.

For bookings, free quote and further information you can always contact us at our phone 02034045122 . The operators are working 24/7 so you will be answered whenever you call. We have also online booking form at your disposal so you can use it as option.
Please read and agree with our Terms and conditions before you proceed with your booking.

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